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Links to web sites with information used to make SPLOSdb


SMC K-mount

      Bojidar Dimitrov, KMP

      Pentax Canada



SMC Takumar and older Takumar M42 screw-mount lenses

      Dario Bonazza et al, AOHC, Asahi Optical Historical Club


Third party lenses and other stuff

      Robert Monaghan, MF Megasite

      Lars Kjellberg, photodo

      Captain Jack’s Exakta

      Katherine Dér, Praktica-Users.com 

      Alberto Taccheo, Praktina





LX Stuff

      Bojidar Dimitrov, KMP

      Rob Studdert, Digital Image Studio. 

      Leonard Foo, Photography in Malaysia


Lens descriptions, discussions and tests used

to develop the SPLOSdb quality rating system


      “Primary” sources:

            Alex Nemerovsky, BOA Gallery, collated comments

            Stan Halpin, Pentax Photography, collated comments

            Robert Monaghan, third party lenses, treasure trove

            Lars Kjellberg, photodo, extensive MTF optical resolution tests

            Yoshihiko Takinami, PDML optical resolution tests

            Frederick Wasti,  PDML optical resolution tests


      “Secondary” sources

            Arnold Stark, Pentax-Seiten

            Choo Mun Fai, lens test summary          

            Dario Bonazza et al, AOHC, Asahi Optical Historical Club

            James Prichard, lens test summary

            Klaus Schroiff, PhotoZone, reviews and more

            Olle Bjernulf, lens ratings

            Peter Spiro, Pentax lens review

            Ralf Stubner, photography page

            Rob Studdert, Digital Image Studio

            Valentin Donisa and Fred, the Pentax Lens Gallery (mirror)


Last update: 2004-05-26