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Great Village Heritage Pergola

Paintball at Mersey Road

Four-star surf at Lawrencetown Beach

Dartmouth United Soccer, U18 Tier 2 Girls

2006 August

2006 July

Scotia Paddle Fest

Dartmouth Players: Walking Happy

some photos I have taken

other stuff


Lens Price Database, Lens$db v34, September 2018

Lens Reviews v07.pdf or -v07.xls summary of PhotoZone and Fred Miranda

Lenses: think angle of view, not focal length

GLERP: Global Lens Exchange and Redistribution Project

Calculators and Information

Older Stuff

CELOSdb : Canon EF lenses and other stuff database (Sept 2005)

SPLOSdb : SMC Pentax lenses and other stuff database (Nov 2004)

other older stuff

belly button survey (Nov 2004)

Kayaking & Canoeing

kayaking & canoeing


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