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Photography and other stuff.



            LensTScalc Lens Tilt-Shift (T-S) calculator (new)

            Depth of Field (DoF)

            Equivalent focal length based on Angle of View (AoV) and vice versa (update)

            Exposure Value (EV) calculator and guidance (update)

            LF bellows extension for Large Format (LF) cameras


            Colour conversion filters

            Exposure Value (EV) table

            Film characteristics of many types of film

            IR focus

            Keos adapter to mount your Pentax K-mount lens on a Canon EOS body

            Lens speed zones plot how “fast” your lenses are

            LF lens matrix plot effective AoV as your back varies from 6x7 to 4x5 (or 6x17)

            LF masks .doc file of 6x7 through 8x10 nominal image sizes

            Used lens check list .doc or .pdf

            Vignetting figures .doc or .pdf


            Some thoughts on using a camera in winter

            Future of dSLR (In a weak moment, I posted this to the photo.net EOS forum)

            What I said when Peter-vT asked me what Canon stuff he should buy

            Rabbit and Owl count megapixels (from Monaghan’s Megasite, well worth a read)


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